TRX22 Mobile Turbo Blender

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TRX21 and TRX22 Mobile Turbo Blenders

Sammic turbo-blenders are designed to work in containers with a capacity of up to 800 litres / 130 gal. and are ideal for mixing and liquidising directly in the pot or pan for making consommés, soups, omele es or mayonnaise etc.

Designed for large yields and frequent use. Ideal for kitchens with large produc on requirements or indeed anywhere in the food industry.

Manufactured using quality stainless steel, Sammic turbo blenders are both easy to use and easy to clean. These units are fully mobile, their height is adjustable and can be fi ed on a trolley with 4 non-slip rubber wheels, 2 of which have brakes.

Sammic turbo-liquidisers are available in Single Speed (TRX 21) or the Dual speed (TRX 22) model

Width: 568mm
Height: 1219mm
Depth: 1643mm
Total Loading: 2,200w