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Ambrogi was established in the Northern Italian City of Milan in 1939 by Primo Ambrogi. Primo was an expert flue technician and he focused his business on the produc on of commercial kitchens. In 1939 he successfully built his first wood fired oven for a renowned restaurant in Milan.

It was a novelty for Northern Italy, and Ambrogi soon expanded his ovens into Europe. (The first ovens in Switzerland, Germany and other countries were manufactured during the 1950s).

In 1963, when Primo Ambrogi died, his sons Francesco and Pieremilio con nued the family business, specialising in the produc on of wood fired pizza ovens.

Today Ambrogi’s business is in it’s third genera on. The en re produc on process such as metalwork, carpentry, oven assembly and material processing are based in their modern factory on the outskirts of Milan.




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