CK401 Combi


CK401 and CK301 Combi

The interchangeable vegetable Prepara on/Food Processing Machines that come with a detachable 5 litre stainless steel food processing bowl. Large range of Cutting Discs available.

As a food processor:

The CK301 and CK401 both come with a 5 litre bowl. The adjustable speed offers 10 levels. A control panel allows me programming and includes a burst button.
The high quality, stainless steel bowl is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a cover made of highly resistant polycarbonate and is equipped with the unique “cut & mix” scraper which allows the operator to achieve a more uniform product and prevent the appliance from overheating. Both models come with a rotor with serrated blades for general use.

As a vegetable prepara on machine:

Both models as well as the discs and grids have been designed to obtain the perfect cut. These can be combined with different heads and a wide range of high quality discs and grids.

This combina on allows the operator to obtain over 70 different styles of product. Using the adjustable speed in vegetable preparation mode, the operator can choose 5 speed positions.

Comes with 3 cutting discs